Medium | 24-can Cooler

MSRP: $49.99

*camo coolers $59.99

Medium Soft Sided Cooler

Holds 24 cans and keeps your food or drinks hot or cold.

~ Dimensions: 10 x 18 x 12 (inches)
~ Heavy Duty, Corrosion Free Zipper
~ Fusion Welded Liner Seams
~ Toxin & Lead Free Construction
~ Tear Resistant Nylon Shell
~ Puncture Resistant 68TRSkin™ Liner
~ Heavy Duty Carry Straps
~ Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty


NorChill® Medium 24-can cooler

is your go to cooler for any activity. Whether you are gathering up your family for a day at the beach or flying cross country for a business trip; the medium 24can cooler is your best bet. Keep your clothes and towels dry from the water when your boating. Never worry about your electronics getting wet at the beach, swimming pool or boating. With our portable coolers you will never have to rush home from the grocery store; our dual temp coolers can give you the piece of mind you need.

NorChill® ProAdvice™

Tips for Packing your Camping Coolers

Place the cans on the bottom of your cooler. Start by lining up your cans in a ring around the outer edges. That means you will be leaving a hollow space in the center. Lots of people make the mistake of tossing the drinks in last, on top of the ice before going camping. Their theory is that drinks will be reached for the most often, so they should be on top where they'll be accessible. But cold sinks, while heat rises. So drinks sitting on top will never get as frosty cold up there as they will on the bottom. Lining them up along the edges puts the cans in the coldest part of your portable cooler, but still makes them easy to get to. Since you know they are on the edges, you can just slip your hand straight down against the sidewall and grab one, without having to rummage through the ice chest.

Bag all items before placing them into your cooler. Put all of your food items into zipper baggies before you add them in. The cellophane wrapper that most food comes in is not waterproof. Food left in only its own original packaging is likely to get soggy in a hurry. Do not pack any glass. If you need mayonnaise, scoop some out into a plastic sealable container, and leave the glass jar at home. Filling the center of your bag will help keep your drinks colder longer. Put an inch or two of ice inside your ring of cans, then lay all your bagged items on top of that ice. Then layer more camping ice, filling up all the empty space.

Tips For Packing Your Sports Cooler

 cooler bag

Perfect for all your kid's sporting events, or tailgating at your favorite home team game, our Coolers are a must. Their superior thermal retention keeps food and beverages cold throughout the game. Pre-chill beverages before placing them inside. Pre-cooling preserves ice, so you will need less ice to cool drinks down. Since cold air travels down, place beverages in the cooler first and ice last. For maximum ice retention, try to keep your cooler out of the sun and out of a hot car.

Try finding a shaded area. To keep food cold during the event a block of ice is okay, but several ice packs are best. Always place the ice packs or ice in the bottom. Always pack perishable foods directly from the refrigerator into the cooler. Keep foods dry and safe from cross contamination by placing in air tight bags or sealed plastic containers. Also, to fill up empty spaces inside the bag put a couple of small water bottles in your freezer the night before. Cheap ice packs plus extra water if you get thirsty! What's better than that?

  • Dimensions: 10 x 18 x 12 (inches)
  • Holds 24 Cans and a 5 lb Bag of Ice
  • Fusion Welded Liner Seams
  • Zippered "Kangaroo Pouch" Pocket
  • Accepted at Most Race Tracks
  • Heavy Duty, Corrosion Free Zipper
  • Toxin & Lead Free Construction
  • Tear Resistant Nylon Shell
  • Fold Down Clips Squares Edges
  • Removable Shoulder Strap
  • Dual Temp Insulation System™
  • Puncture Resistant 68TRSkin™ Liner
  • Compact Roll-Up Design
  • Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty

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