Small | 12-can Cooler

MSRP: $39.99

*camo coolers $49.99

Small Soft Sided Coolers

Holds 12 cans and keeps your food or drinks hot or cold.

~ Dimensions: 7 x 14 x 12 (inches)
~ Holds 12 Cans and a 5 lb Bag of Ice
~ Compact Roll-Up Design
~ Toxin & Lead Free Construction
~ Tear Resistant Nylon Shell
~ Puncture Resistant 68TRSkin™ Liner
~ Dual Temp Insulation System™
~ Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty


NorChill® Small 12-can cooler

is the lightweight tag along of the NorChill® Cooler Bag Family. NorChill Soft Cooler Bags represent the finest in soft sided cooler design and construction. Their Dual-Temp Insulation System™ will keep your food or drinks hot or cold for hours, while the leak-proof liner will ensure a full day of enjoyment. The small soft-sided cooler is a great way to keep your electronics undamaged or your drinks ice cold. Our small cooler is so portable you can take it anywhere. Leave it in your trunk for your last minute grocery shopping. Take to with you on your kids field trips. The options are endless

NorChill® ProAdvice™

Tips for Packing Your Fishing Cooler Bag

Chill everything first. Whenever possible, cool down the fishing catch that will be going into your cooler after fishing. If the cooler only has to maintain the cold temperature, it won't need as much cooling power (ice) as it does when it has to cool the items down and then maintain. You can save yourself from having to add ice by cooling everything down before you start loading your cooler. Bag all items. Put all of your fishing catch into zipper baggies before you add them to the cooler. You can also use a vacuum bagger to seal the game in individual items. Layer the ice. Put an inch or two of ice at the bottom of the cooler, then lay all your bagged items on top of that ice. Then layer more ice, filling up all the empty space in the cooler. If flying by airline. The airlines require that all food items be in leak proof containers before being checked as baggage; with a NorChill cooler this won't be a problem. Simply freeze your fishing catch before placing it in the cooler. Your NorChill cooler bags will keep the fish frozen for up to 24 hours.

Collapsible Cooler

portable cooler

NorChill collapsible food & beverage cooler bags are extremely light and collapse into a very small roll. They are easy to use and very convenient, just load your NorChill collapsible coolers with your favorite snack foods and drinks, and you can carry it on an airline or pack it in the back of the car for easy transportation. All NorChill collapsible cooler bags come with a robust leak proof liner, and tough nylon shell. They also include carry handles and should straps with comfort grips. These coolers are a must for tailgating parties and can be a unique groomsmen gift!

  • Dimensions: 7 x 14 x 12 (inches)
  • Holds 12 Cans and a 5 lb Bag of Ice
  • Fusion Welded Liner Seams
  • Zippered "Kangaroo Pouch" Pocket
  • Accepted at Most Race Tracks
  • Heavy Duty, Corrosion Free Zipper
  • Toxin & Lead Free Construction
  • Tear Resistant Nylon Shell
  • Shoulder Strap Comfort Cushion
  • Removable Shoulder Strap
  • Dual Temp Insulation System™
  • Puncture Resistant 68TRSkin™ Liner
  • Compact Roll-Up Design
  • Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty

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