How much more energy do you think it takes to drink bottled water that has been bottled in plastic, transported and refrigerated than getting it from a faucet?

Amazingly, it takes 2000 times more energy from a plastic bottle. Using a re-usable personalized tumbler filled with water from the tap means you’re giving the planet and every one of us a huge environmental gift.

Personalized gifts are increasingly available and they make great gifts. The combination of personalization and a re-usable tumbler works on many levels.

Read on to learn 7 reasons why you should consider giving personalized tumblers next time you need to buy a gift.

What are Personalized Tumblers?

So what is a tumbler? We are not talking gymnasts or machines for drying clothes. We are talking about re-usable drinking cups like the stainless steel tumblers from Norchill.

Personalization of a tumbler can be about choosing a colored tumbler sleeve, lid or even a matching stainless steel straw.

Going for full customization means printing names, monograms or logos using powder coating, engraving or laser etching.

A personalized tumbler can be a personal or corporate gift. It can carry the gift givers corporate logo or the receivers name. The options for customization are limited only by your imagination.

Here are 7 reasons why a personalized tumbler makes a great gift.

1. It’s Personal

Personal connections are difficult to make. We value the personal connections we have with family and friends because they are so precious. What makes these connections valuable is that they acknowledge us as unique, important individuals.

No matter how useful or well designed a product is, having it personalized raises it to a new level. It makes the gift say something about our relationship. It connects us personally.

2. Thoughtful

Gift-giving is often associated with the saying, “it’s the thought that counts”? This is very often an excuse for a poor gift choice. How much better would it be to receive a gift that shows the giver cared enough to think about what would be a great gift?

A personalized gift shows that you have thought about the person receiving the gift. You’ve given some thought to the selection of the gift and then even thought about how to make it special for them.

The personalization takes more thought than simply selecting a gift.

3. Works for Any Occasion

Choosing an appropriate gift can be difficult and even stressful. Getting it right is important. What works as a birthday present does not necessarily work for a corporate gift.

A personalized present suits all occasions. Everybody needs to drink sometime and a tumbler meets that need. Personalized tumblers tick both those boxes.

4. Unique

Giving gifts can be a minefield of potential errors. A major one is that your gift will be duplicated by somebody else. Giving a gift and then seeing that the receiver already has the exact same gift already, is very frustrating.

When you customize or personalize a gift nobody else can get the same gift. It stands out from the crowd. After all the other presents have been tidied away a personalized tumbler can be used again and again in the office, the gym or the lunch bag.

5. Durable

Personalized tumblers can be a durable gift. If made from forged steel with a thermodynamic insulation system they can go on keeping things hot or cold, time after time.

Dishwasher safe construction means they are easy to clean and maintain.

When other gifts have been forgotten a well-made tumbler keeps on giving. Construction from a single piece of heavy-duty stainless steel means they are virtually indestructible. Don’t opt for less durable plastic construction.

6. Good for You

Keeping fit and staying healthy is not just about going to the gym or eating the right foods. Staying properly hydrated is important for your wellbeing. Staying hydrated during exercise or even during the working day means having easy access to drinking water.

There are other ways of staying hydrated but the best and simplest is to drink water.

Having a tumbler of water on the desk, in the car or in the gym is how most people solve this problem. What’s better than having your own, personalized tumbler to drink from.

A work environment or gym might not be an easy place to ensure that you can find and keep your cup. Personalized tumblers get around this problem by permanently identifying the owner of the cup.

7. Save the Planet

There is an international concern about the contamination of our oceans with plastic packaging. Single-use plastic bottles are a major contributor to this pollution. One way of reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles is for us all to stop buying them and to use re-usable drinking vessels filled from the faucet.

Sea turtles, whales, and seabirds are among the many species affected. Increasing publicity about the impact on these species and on our oceans is making us all more aware of the difference we can make.

By giving the gift of a reusable drinking vessel we are saving the planet.

Not only are you giving a special personal gift but you are also adding a feel-good aspect of environmental awareness. Taking care of our planet is something we can do in all aspects of our life including in gift giving. Now that is a thoughtful gift.

Next Time You Buy a Gift

Sometimes, buying a gift is easy. When you can give a personal, thoughtful gift that is both good for the gift receiver and for the whole planet, the decision is easy.

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