NorChill 2017 Product Catalog

NorChill has an exciting lineup of products in our catalog for 2017 for all your outdoor recreation needs.

Of course, everything you need is included in our online store. But if you need a quick and handy reference, either for yourself or to pass along to friends and family, the printable and shareable PDF version of the NorChill catalog will work perfectly for that.

New products for 2017 are NorChill’s stainless steel 20 oz and 30 oz tumblers with colored lids. These tumblers are double-walled, vacuum-sealed wonders of innovation and they keep your drinks cold or hot for hours. The dishwasher safe, double-lipped lids come in six distinctive colors (Smoked, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, and Pink) and are great for ensuring that your drink stays in the tumbler and not all over your lap. An added benefit of the lids is that if everyone in your household or group has their own colored lid, it’s easier to figure out which drink is yours!

Also new for 2017 are NorChill’s heavy duty paracord tumbler handles. These sturdy and portable handles turn virtually any tumbler or water bottle into a mug with a handle. There are six vibrant colors to choose from (Aqua, Orange, Green, Red, Pink, and Purple).

There’s much more in the catalog to be discovered. Check it out!

NorChill 2017 Product Catalog (PDF)