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How to create the perfect golden S’mores

Ashes flicker in the wind as the golden ember of the flames light up the night. Camping can be a relaxing night... but if we wanted to relax we’d go to a spa. It’s time to have fun! Now, what could be more fun when camping (besides spooky ghost stories) than huddled...

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4 Best Vacation Spots in the US for Adventurers

Adventure keeps our blood pumping, it gives us a spark of danger and thrill, it makes life worth living. Whether that means going on vacation across the country or going to your backyard and discovering a new way to excite our sensations, we all need to feed our...

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7 Reasons Why Personalized Tumblers Make Great Gifts

How much more energy do you think it takes to drink bottled water that has been bottled in plastic, transported and refrigerated than getting it from a faucet? Amazingly, it takes 2000 times more energy from a plastic bottle. Using a re-usable personalized tumbler...

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Your Guide to the Best Boat Coolers for Your Fishing Trip

Are you in need of a quality boat cooler? With all the options out there, it's hard to decide which cooler to choose. But, don't get tangled. With this guide, you'll have all the information you need to find the perfect fishing coolers for you and your needs. Keep...

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These Are the Features of the Best Coolers

No one thinks they need a cooler until they get active, whether it is of their own accord or because they are dating a nature lover. However, most people will have a small tote cooler that can hold a 12 pack of soda and a 5-pound bag of ice that can be used at the...

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Where to Find Food Cooler Bags for Bodybuilding

One of the hottest trends in high-intensity, bodybuilding fitness today is eating pre-prepared, nutrient-dense foods at the right times in the right quantities. If you are really dedicated to your fitness and nutrition but are also on-the-go for the majority of the...

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