These are the standard items you make sure to bring along when traveling. We all have our travel checklist-camera, vitamins, x amount of outfits. But what about the items we always forget to bring? We’re on vacation and think, dang, I wish I remembered to bring that. Then we shovel out some cash to buy it on the spot, only to be stuck with two of the same items when we go back home and now lack money for ice-cream.

Here is a 10-item checklist that will save your wallet and your vacation!



  1. Snacks

This may be an obvious one, because we always want to pack food, but rarely do we ever remember to. We never want to buy the airline food, and even eat right before the plane so we don’t have to. Yet for some reason, when we see that person across the aisle eat that sandwich an hour into our flight, we get hungry too, and those free mini peanut packets never cut it. Bring snacks with you for those late-night cravings when nothing is open around you, or when you’ll be out all day and want something to hold you over until lunch. It is ALWAYS worth it and much cheaper than constantly buying food.



  1. Sunglasses

No matter where you travel, unless you’re a vampire, you’ll be in the sun. Your eyes are very delicate and it’s important to protect them. Bring sunglasses or a hat, just in case the sun is strong that day. Instead of squinting at the beautiful surroundings, you can view them with ease. You will always find a spot in your luggage to fit them in, and they just might save the day!




  1. Lip Balm

No one ever thinks about lip balm, but traveling to a higher altitude than usual, or even just another climate you are not used to can affect your lips. Chapped lips are NOT fun, and the little pain you feel from dry lips can be uncomfortable all day. Pop a little lip balm in your luggage to protect your lips from the sun, the wind, and whatever else the weather wants to throw at you.






Extra Cash

  1. Extra Cash

We all have a budget when we go on vacation and try not to exceed it, but emergencies happen. Hide some extra cash in a boot, in your underwear, in a hidden pocket, anywhere you can easily get to when something happens. Plus, you’re on vacation, you deserve to splurge a little if you want to!





Hand sanitizer

  1. Hand sanitizer

This might be the most important thing you bring with you when you travel. You are visiting a new place. That means going through the airport, traveling around a new town, and constantly handling money to buy souvenirs. Our hands are pretty dirty when we travel, and we pretty much always go out to eat, that means putting food in our mouths after touching plenty of things. Getting sick is the last thing you want happening when you’re on vacation. Save yourself from the germs and pack some hand sanitizer with you on the go.




  1. An umbrella

An umbrella might be the last thing on your mind when you travel, but it will probably be the first thing on your mind when your vacation gets rained out. The weather is unpredictable, and we know that when it rains, we are not going to walk around in it- we’re going to go out and buy an umbrella. Keeping a small umbrella in your bag as a precaution can never hurt and might just save your hair.



 An Extra Charger

  1. An Extra Charger

Let’s face it, we’re attached to our phones. We know a charger will be on our checklist, but what if something happens to that one? Bringing an extra charger when traveling will make sure your phone is always alive to capture those once-in-a-lifetime photos.






  1. Lotion

Everyone wants to use it, no one wants to bring it. Women, men, girls, boys, we all need lotion. It’s a little item we always forget about, but always need it at the worst times. Going out with ashy skin is obvious and can be embarrassing. Prepare your skin for the unknown weather at your traveling destination and pack a travel tube just in case your skin can’t adjust.




A Jacket

  1. A Jacket

Why would you bring a jacket to go to a sunny vacation spot like Florida? Because it gets cold inside and it rains all the time. You never really know what its going to be like. A light jacket can complete your outfit while keeping you warm from a chilly hotel room, keeping you dry from the rain, or doubling as a pillow for the airplane or long train rides. It never hurts to be too prepared.







A Tumbler

  1. A Tumbler

Staying hydrated is important, wherever you may travel. It might be hard to stay hydrated on the go when you constantly have to buy drinks, or when your water bottle gets crumbled and you can’t fill it up again. Having a tumbler tucked into your suitcase can quench your thirst on the plane, late at night, or when traveling in the hot sun during the day. You can fill it up with anything you’d like, and you never have to replace it.


It’s the little things that make or break the day when they could have been prevented. These little items can easily fit inside your luggage and may save your vacation when you have an emergency. Don’t pause your vacation to go out and buy these items when you already have them at home. Prepare in advance and prepare smart for the best vacation ever.