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Voyager Series Coolers

There’s Tons of Technology Packed Into the Voyager Series Cooler Bags!

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Forged from Steel Made to Chill!

Whether you’re on the job or on the run NorChill High Performance Tumblers are engineered to overwhelm!

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The BoatBag is Back!

Our ever-popular BoatBag™ is back in stock and ready for you to order.

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Outdoorsman Series Coolers

NorChill’s Outdoorsmen Series Coolers are the perfect tool for any outdoor enthusiast, camper or the serious outdoorsman!

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Tumbler-Skinz™ are Here!

NorChill® Tumbler-Skinz™ are here! Add a unique touch to just about any branded stainless steel tumbler!

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Get a Tumbler pack: a 30 oz tumbler, two lids AND a pack of straws for a special price!

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NorChill Boatbag Series named one of the best soft sided coolers

NorChill®’s BoatBag™ Series cooler bag has been named one of the top softsided coolers by a leading cooler review website

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Food and drinks stay cold all day long.


12-Can Cooler Bag


24-Can Cooler Bag


48-Can Cooler Bag

Marine BoatBag™ High-Performance Coolers

The perfectly-priced, low-maintenance cooler
for all your boating adventures. 

Available in Medium (24-Can) and Large (48-Can) Sizes


Camouflage High-Performance Coolers

The right sized cooler for every hunting trip. 


12-Can Camo Cooler Bag


24-Can Camo Cooler Bag


48-Can Camo Cooler Bag

Dual Temp Insulation System™

Our insulation starts with a proprietary condensation barrier that prevents sweating. Then we encapsulate it with “open cell” foam that surrounds the entire bag with an insulating air barrier that allows our bags to keep ice for at least a day.

Compact Roll-Up Design

Our insulation starts with a proprietary condensation barrier that prevents sweating. Then we encapsulate it with “open cell” foam that surrounds the entire bag with an insulating air barrier that allows our bags to keep ice for at least a day.

Puncture-Resistant, Leak-Proof G8TRSkin

The secret to our superior ice and heat holding capabilities starts from within. The foundation starts with a heavy duty G8TR-Skin™ liner. Our propriety textured vinyl blend provides superior tear strength, puncture and abrasion resistance and allows for easy cleaning and superior stain avoidance.

Fusion Welded Liner Seams

We use an electro-static process to melt our seams together in a process called fusion welding.

This creates a leak-proof bond that keeps melted ice on the inside of the cooler, and off your floor.

Kangaroo Pouch

The Kangaroo Pouch holds sunglasses, sunscreen, wallets, phones, keys, and any other valuables. All of your things are secured by a heavy duty YKK® zipper.

Removable Shoulder Strap with Comfort Cushion

Has shoulder pain from carrying a cheap cooler bag ever ruined your day at the beach, evening at a concert, or trip to a vacation spot? We alleviate that discomfort with our revolutionary dual-density shoulder strap cushion.

Heavy Duty Carry Straps with Comfort Cushion

We use heavy duty woven strapping material to create the toughest cooler handles ever conceived. To prevent tearing of the cooler shell, these straps circumvent the bag and cradle the cooler body. We use a variety of stitching technique from “X-Pattern”, to double-stitched, and overlap to ensure the handle can carry full cooler loads. We finish it off with a Velcro canvas strap-wrap that doubles as a carry handle cushion.

Heavy Duty YKK® Zipper

Our marine canvas inspired Heavy Duty YKK® Zipper alleviates the problems plagued by all other cooler bags; broken and/or corroded unmovable zippers. We start with a heavy duty nylon slider and teeth. We mold the teeth to a synthetic tape and double stitch the tape to the bag. We finish it off with a zipper pull tag to make opening and closing a breeze.

Tear-Resistant Nylon Shell

We encase the bag with heavy duty woven nylon. This makes the shell tremendously durable, give it superior resistance to tearing and abrasion, and provide our soft sided coolers the ability to “Go Anywhere… Do Anything”.

Side Release Buckles

Want to make your soft cooler more compact, and give it that traditional “square” design? No problem… Our heavy duty side buckles allow you to fold the edges down, clip them in place, and transform your cooler into a square shape.

Toxin and Lead-Free Construction

We ensure all of our materials are non-leaching, toxin and lead-free.

2-Year Warranty

We overbuild NorChill Cooler Bags so that your hard earned investment will last for years to come. In fact, we are the number one cooler bag choice for airlines around the world. We use our experience building commercial use airline ice bags in our CQI (Continuous Quality Assurance) program to continually reinvent our bags. If by some slim chance you do have a problem, we strive to provide the best service and support available. Don’t fall for these gimmicky “lifetime” warranties full of empty promises; read the fine print, you’ll be surprised how much is not covered. After all, a warranty is only as good as the company behind it.

Lunch Cooler Bag

Don't brown-bag your lunch. Save money and add convenience by packing it in a NorChill Cooler Bag. Your food will stay cold or hot all day long. You can easily carry it from place to place and it won't leak through or tear with condensation. Use the Kangaroo Pouch to carry utensils, napkins, or condiments. NorChill cooler bags are also super easy to clean.

Water Cooler

Bring cold water, juice, sports drinks, or sodas to your kids' next sporting event in our collapsible cooler bag. It's rugged, can take a beating going to and from games, and keeps drinks ice cold for hours and hours of practice or game time.

Ice Cooler

Use a NorChill cooler to pack enough drinks and ice for your next NASCAR® event. You can carry 12, 24, or 48 cans and enough ice to make the entire day fun, cool, and refreshing.

Can Cooler

Soda and beer cans stay cooler and feel right at home in a NorChill insulated bag.

Bottle Cooler

Beer bottles love to go to a picnic securely packed in a NorChill bag.

Wine Bag

Whether you like your wine room temperature, slightly chilled, or ice cold, a NorChill cooler is up to the task.

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